(Español) ¡Tenemos wifi en todos nuestros alojamientos!

teletrabajo en canarias

Nowadays, we live in a society where new technologies are part of our daily routine, both in our working life and in our personal life. For this reason, each generation, according to the technologies, has been defined with a term depending on their year of birth. This indicates that we live in a society that “depends” on the internet in different areas of our lives.

Therefore, at Artenatur we seek to provide our guests with all the services that we can, so that we can announce with all our enthusiasm that… WE HAVE WIFI IN ALL OUR ACCOMMODATION! So, if you are teleworking or need to be connected during your rural getaway, you can do it from our houses. So, you have no more excuses to visit us and relax in our cave-houses.

Remember that… If you haven’t slept in a cave house yet, then you’ve really rested!



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