Artenara, Gran Canaria

Islas Canarias - España

(0034) 686 795 849

Artenatur is a small family business that has focused on letting casas-cuevas (cave houses) for rural tourism in Artenara since 1996, although the company was founded in 2008. José Antonio Rodríguez, the father of the family, decided to restore his grandparents’ abandoned house as a hobby, without realising that rural tourism was about to experience a boom on the island, even though he had his suspicions. After he had completed this restoration, two years later he bought the Casa-Cueva Las Margaritas cave house, which he also restored. He then continued with the discovery of the Casa-Cueva El Mimo. Miriam Rodríguez, his daughter, joined the company a few years later. Today she puts her heart and soul into managing the family business. Nowadays in Artenatur there are family homes and houses owned by other people in the municipality. They provide accommodation to the large number of foreign tourists and local visitors who come here every day to discover the highlands of Gran Canaria. More than 20 years later, the company is still true to its essence: ensuring time spent in a cave house is a unique experience for all your senses.

One of our corporate objectives is to expand the legal accommodation on offer in Artenara and its quality, because we believe the future of the municipality lies in offering accommodation in the village to attract tourists who then become temporary residents. By showing these people everything that Artenara has to offer, they will, in turn, invigorate the area through the many activities they pursue (hiking, climbing, cycling, consumption of local products, archaeological tours, and so on).

Our company is committed to the development of Artenara and the rural areas of Gran Canaria. That is why we are a member of Edarte (Business, Tourism and Cultural Association of Artenara) and Aider Gran Canaria (Island Association for Rural Development in Gran Canaria).

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