Honey from the Biosphere Reserve

We have recently incorporated to our products, Artenatur’s Honey. Something that some years ago was traditional: most of the families had their beehives to assure their honey more as medicine and natural remedy than as food.

Encouraging descendant of these vine-growers, we have tried to recover this typical Logo Asociación de Apicultores Artenaránproduct in Artenara, at the same time as we contribute to help the pollination of this part of Gran Canaria. For this reason, we have strategically distributed our beehives in Tirma, El Vaquero – in Tamadaba’s Nature Reserve – Mojones, Huerta Grande – Rural Park of El Nublo – Vega of Coruña, Vega de las Cruces, etc. Always in places that are far away from pollution and inside the Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria.

Solidification, the most natural thing

Our honey only suffers the natural process of taking of the cap of wax that protects and of making it turn in order it becomes liquid and filters. Once made it, we just pass it to the glass, without adding any preservatives. For this reason, the normal thing is that it returns to his original condition; the solidification. If you want it to be liquid, you only have to warm it, but never in the microwave!

Commercialization: 50 grs. and 1/2 kg. glass.

Nowadays we sell our Honey 50 gram glass jar, very adapted for souvenirs, company presents,  hotels, Official Events, etc. The label has on the top the island of Gran Canaria and “Welcome” in several languages. Equally, it appears “Thank you for your visit ” with what turns into an ideal and natural detail. For a great quantity of orders, we can personalize the label as it can be seen in the images. We commercialize them in boxes of 50 jars and its price is about 1.25€ each, according to requested quantity.

We also commercialize it in jars of 1/2 kg and its price then reduces to 5€ per unit.

From the flower to your palate … The most natural thing!

Thank you for consuming it and to announce it to your friends and relatives. If you want to sell it in your establishment, call us (+34 649 992 636) or contact us by e-mail: artenatur@artenatur.com.

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    Hola buenos días, mi nombre es Juan Maldonado, me gustaría poder hablar con ustedes sobre precio de venta al mayor para una idea que tengo en la cabeza desde hace unos meses.


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