Feeling the silence in the entrails of The Earth with


More and more we need to move away from the noisy city to meet the silence. If we have the possibility of listening to it in the entrails of The Earth, impregnating us with its positive energy, even better. Often we have it nearer than we think: by the mountains of Gran Canaria, in Artenara, culminating point  of Nature. There, in the least populated village and highest place of the Island, its inhabitants use the Cave-Houses as privileged and daily home. These excavations in the stone have a natural and very peculiar characteristic: their temperature is among 17 and 20 degrees the whole year round. That means that in winter, we feel warm inside the Cave House when we can have 8 degrees C. outside, and in summer they refresh us from the rigors of its heat.

Now you have the opportunity to experience all these sensations in the Cave-House El Caidero – the first Prize of the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria some years ago-, Cave-House El Mimo adn Cave-House Las Margaritas, all of them with the Quality Certificate Sicted.

Situación casas

All our houses are fully equipped with all the comforts that can be imagined to enjoy a complete rest, including garden and barbecue and up to hydromassage or swimming pool in some of them. You will come back to the daily routine totally relaxed and impregnated by the natural captivations that surround these Cave-Houses: majestic mountains, deep ravines, leafy pinegroves, incredible paths and laborious carvers. You will be able to estimate the sacrificed agricultural and cattle tasks with their typical tools, to enjoy the kindness of the Inhabitants of Artenara and enjoy unforgettable sunsets watching the sun between Tamadaba and El Teide. Who tries, repeats!